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[2009- 2015] Lots of stuff I was too lazy to type in here as updates. Will try to be better at it...

[04/03/2009] New Pairwise tool: Combo-Test. Hat tip: Christopher Stanbridge.

[03/02/2008] New Pairwise tool: ATD from AtYourSide Consulting. Thanks to Luis Cavalheiro for the tip.

[01/08/2008] Added AllPairs tool from MetaCommunications / Andrey Yegorov.

[05/09/2007] Added yet another pairwise generating tool.

[03/21/2006] One new tool, two new papers.

[11/20/2005] One new tool, one new paper.

[09/19/2005] Added four early papers on orthogonal arrays (thanks to Keizo Tatsumi of Fujitsu).

[07/07/2005] A couple of new tools.

[01/23/2005] Added a couple of tools I found recently and three new papers.

[08/01/2004] Paper added: A new technique for pairwise generation by Maity et al.

[07/06/2004] Added two more papers and a whole new page on the effectiveness of pairwise.

[07/04/2004] Added links to 18 research papers, 8 tools generating pairwise suites, and other resources.

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